Get free technical chart analysis delivered to any Telegram group, for any crypto token.

React to buy signals in real-time and discuss trading opportunites within your community.

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Our Performance

TALYS is spreading rapidly and we receive positive feedback every day. The reason for this is our unbeatable performance.

  • 194

    Telegram groups using TALYS.

  • 20-50k

    Audience through group members

  • 480

    Total subscribed tokens

  • 303

    Sent BUY signals

  • 51%

    Average Price Growth after BUY signal

  • 840%

    Top Growth after a BUY signal so far

Crypto goes social.

Create your own Alpha Private: Just create a Telegram group, add TALYS and setup the tokens you want to observe. Instantly discuss buy events within your community on a serious basis and take your positions. Unlock TALYS Pro for advanced features.

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Finding the right spot.

TALYS helps you and your community to react appropriately to trends in the market and to find good entry points based on serious technical analysis.

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How does TALYS works?

After setup, the bot analyzes your token's chart data in real time and applies technical analysis strategies to find buy signals. When the bot finds buy signals, it automatically sends them to the Telegram group instantly.

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