TALYS can be used free of charge. However, to use the bot more extensively, you must be in possession of $TALYS tokens. After purchasing the amount of $TALYS, you will have to prove your wallet balance by using our DAPP. You can learn more about our feature restrictions here.

  • Free

    No $TALYS needed

    ✅ One token subscription per group
    ✅ Maximum group member count is 250
    ❌ Limited support for timeframes

  • Tier 1

    600.000 $TALYS required

    ✅ Up to 5 token subscriptions per group
    ✅ Maximum group member count is 500
    ✅ Support for all timeframes

  • Tier 2

    1.200.000 $TALYS required

    ✅ Unlimited token subscriptions per group
    ✅ Unlimited group member count
    ✅ Support for all timeframes